Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Hey gang!  Just making sure everything is going well.  I am doing well.  I'm getting married on the 27th of this month and then having children in May sometime.  Big news, eh?  I say "children" because Queen Chooch and I are having twins.  Yes, twins.  What luck!  Can you imagine two more Taage-like individuals running around in the world soon?  I say, "look out!"

Today Chooch and I will be going to get our marriage license in Renton.  A seemingly big step for us.  An actual paper, an official paper. It's happening.

I still have to come to grips with growing up.  Looking for jobs that make more money, applying to school, these are things that I am reeeeally into right now.  As you know I am not a planner.  NOT a planner.  I will be going into this with a lot of life knowledge and not a lot of planning.  I know we will be fine(child rearing and monetarily) and am loving that I am in this position, even if I am feeling kind of down.  I love my family and I love Chooch and her family and am happy that they will soon be my family.

Anyway I hope things are great.  I will be on later to discuss other things on my mind.

Stupid Christmas music.  It just gets into the bones and it kind of keeps coming out of my mouth at random times.  Damn Christmas music!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Midsummer Morning

Topics to be covered in this blog today: packing style report, boat building update, bike maintenance, house mates, new niece.

As an update to the last post my new Timbuk2 Wingman works great for short and long adventures. It was really easy to pack too much stuff for M and M's wedding in Grand Haven. I had packed a suit and several nice shirts and all came out without a wrinkle. The trip to Whistler was a week long and I was again able to pack enough to wear and ride in. Granted I did have a washing machine in the room and a car load of bike equipment. In conclusion, the Wingman is a great bag for the traveler that doesn't want to check a bag. Tonight I am off to New Orleans for the weekend and will be using the Wingman again.

My boat! I have just finished taping and fiverglassing the outer hull! Now I must sand smooth the edges of the tape and put some gunwales on for strength. I can then paint the boat if I wish. I then need to begin on the sailing bits, mast, rudder, tiller, leeboard, leeboard brace. I am nearing completion with little more than a month to the deadline of the family reunion. I will post pictures up soon.

Updates on my bikes. Because of my dedication to building my boat I have done little riding besides every other week mountain biking and a week down hilling in Whistler. This has left the road bikes a little lonely. I did ride my Steely Single Speed down to Alki and back a couple days ago and that was great.
I have noticed that the last two years I have brought my Mtn Bike to Whistler I find a new problem with it. Last year I rode with only 1 1/2 inch of travel in the front fork and this year I found that my rear shock is blown. Luckily a new one is on the way. A gently used Fox 5.0 DHX will be replacing my Fox Vanilla R rear shock soon.
I purchased a bike tool kit that has almost ever tool I will ever need in one handy case. This will make bike building and repair much easier. My next project after the boat will be to build a DH bike or a super light XC bike. My current bike is not the best of both worlds, it is just both worlds. So I will build the best!

I will be getting two new house mates. Two Latvian guys that I grew up with. I will not mention any names, but I am glad to be living with people I know again. I really don't think I am prepared to be living with two Latvians but I will try. Lucky for me they both ride mountain bikes and ski! It will be a great time!

Mila Valija Holmquist was born on June 24th, 2011. She is my new, beautiful niece. She was several weeks early and is tiny and sleepy. She is super cute too. Right now Linnea is two and she is testing her boundaries and testing her mother's patience as well. I went with them to the zoo and had a great time. L is speaking in slurred sentences and repeats everything you say. I have to say they are a great couple of kids.

Projects this Summer:
clean room
clean back yard
finish boat
sand and paint decks, porch
apply to school

Summer Music:
Calvin Harris
Easy Star All Star

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Adventures

I will begin my summer adventures for 2011 by attending a wedding in Grand Haven, Michigan then going to Whistler for a week to ride down mountains on a bicycle. For my first adventure I am attempting the "Bundle Wrapping" packing technique as described on Onebag.com. I am using the carry-on Timbuk2 "Wingman" bag, which so far is awesome even though I haven't officially used it. I am just unofficially looking at it almost fully packed and seeing all the room left in it. I saved a bunch of room by using the bundle method and will hopefully save my clothes from the wrinkles as well. Oh yeah, no $25 checked back fee either! So I'm feeling hopeful.

I did travel to Spain with just two carry-ons and I somewhat succeeded but I will be using a different packing method and bag to carry a similar amount of stuff. My clothing was rather wrinkled and I had two over stuffed bags. Now I will just carry one large carry-on and a "murse" for my book, electronics, and paperwork. I hope it all turns out roses.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

More Cuttin

Cut out the sides last night. I know that I could have butted the joints before I cut the pieces but I didn't have the space on the table or the scraps to lay the plywood on. So I didn't. I'm waitin on one but to glue up. I am short on clamps and space so one at a time. I'm using 1/4 inch straps on the sides and bilge panels. I'll use 1/2 inch straps for the hull as per instructions.

I am also working on putting the framing sticks ("Beams" as my father calls them) onto the bulkheads, temporary form, and transoms. I can glue them only one at a time because of the lack of clamps. So bulkhead C is being glued and temp. form B is all put together (no glue required).

This week I'll get the other side panel joined and the rest of the Bheads and transoms sticked. I will then cut the rest out and join them up as well. and then start the stitching. I am askin for Epoxy for my birthday so that will take a little time.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Cuttin Plywood

I started cutting forms out of plywood today while I let the oars dry out. It is rather cool and humid here so it may take a while. I don't have a good batten so I tried using a quarter round piece of trim but it wouldn't clamp to the tacks correctly so I split it and kept a good edge on it and it works ok. My lines are all weird but I am sure they will be fine once I get them into shape. I will cut them bigger so I can shave them to shape or fit. Tomorrow will be a bigger cutting day seeing as I spent about an hour finishing up the last oar.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Oarin Cha Glad

Started and am damn near finished with my first set of Oars. When I am done I will start on the boat. They are from Jim Michalak's design. I did a shoddy job of building them but looks aren't everything. They should work just fine.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Old Flames

Since I am getting older, as I have for 29 years, I have decided to return to my favorite hobbies. Wooden boat building, sailing, and workin on VWs. So that means I will be puttin aside workin on random cars, motorcycles, bikes, and Samurais. Don't get me wrong, I will work on cars and shit but not invest so much of my time on them. I will focus mainly on those primary hobbies that I never ever got around to and enjoy the shit out of it! I will start by building a small, 11', wooden boat to sail and camp with.

Over the years I have accumulated multiple copies of some of the best Wooden Boat and VW Trends magazines. I also have book after book on rebuilding VW aircooled engines, keepin them alive, building small wooden boats and the like. I'm ready 'cept for the funding. I am going to work on getting that Masters degree as well. I'll update as it comes along.